Ronnie Radke Net Worth
Ronnie Radke
Body Measurement
Body type
Height6 Feet 1 inches
Weight83 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size11 (US)
Full NameRonald Joseph Radke
NicknameRonald Radke
Date of BirthDecember 15, 1983
Age40 Years
ProfessionAmerican singer, songwriter, rapper, musician and record producer
Ronnie Radke Net Worth$7 Million
Education Mojave High School
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada
Hometown Las Vegas, Nevada
Zodiac SignSagittarius
FatherRussell Radke
SpouseSaraya Bevis (2018–present)
ChildrenWillow Grace Radke
SiblingsMatthew Radke (Brother), Anthony James Radke (Older Brother) (1980-2013), Belle Radke (Sister)
FacebookRonnie Radke
Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Childhood & Early Life

One of Russell Radke’s three children, along with his brothers Anthony James Radke (1980–2013) and Matthew Radke, was born on December 15, 1983, at St. Rose Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Radke claimed that his mother’s drug usage and absence from his early life contributed to his general lack of regard for women as an adult, even if he later expressed forgiveness to her by sharing a photo of her on Instagram during a 2014 Falling in Reverse event. According to Radke, his mother is Blackfoot and Portuguese, while his father is White.

Radke’s early bands taught him how to play the guitar and piano. He started off by strumming some Blink-182 songs. “Dammit” was the first tune he could play. During his high school years, he started multiple bands.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Radke fled his house to play in his first band, 3.0, which he and his friend Mitch formed. Radke claimed that the band “sounded exactly like Blink 182“. For a while, he resided with Mitch and his mother.

They performed at a few different locations, including the Huntridge in Las Vegas and Chain Reaction. Radke moved back in with his parents after the band, went back to school, then dropped out once more.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

According to his statement in an interview with Alternative Press, “I just couldn’t for some reason pay attention; I just daydreamed about everything else but what I’m supposed to be doing.” According to Radke, Lefty was the name of his second band.

At a talent performance, Radke ran across Max Green, of the band Almost Heroes. During their performance, Radke’s microphone fell and Max helped him pick it up.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

They grew close and formed the band True Story, recording a demo that included the song “This Is Not the End“. Inspired by Thrice, Radke began screaming in the band and gradually formed Escape the Fate by singing.

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Radke and Max Green were good buddies in high school. Bryan Money approached Max in 2004 when he was seeking for a vocalist, and Max recommended Radke to him. Bryan consented and started holding drum line auditions.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

After Robert Ortiz was chosen, Escape the Fate was established. Omar Espinosa, who was Lovehatehero’s guitarist at the time, joined as the rhythm guitarist a few weeks later. The band started out in Las Vegas’s post-hardcore scene.

Carson Allen joined at that time as a keyboard player. The EP demo Escape the Fate was recorded by the band. Their career began in early 2006 when they joined with Epitaph Records following their victory in a radio competition judged by My Chemical Romance.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Recordings for the EP There’s No Sympathy for the Dead and a few tracks from the debut album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, started in May 2006. Michael “Elvis” Baskette, a friend of Radke, produced both.

Radke created the first song for his new band, which he described as “Norma Jean or Underoath with Katy Perry choruses,” when he was incarcerated at High Desert State Prison.

Radke established Falling in Reverse, initially called From Behind these Walls, with Nason Schoeffler’s assistance. When Radke was let out of jail in December 2010, he declared he would start recording again. First released as “Raised by Wolves” in 2010, Falling In Reverse went on to release their album The Drug in Me Is You on July 26, 2011, on Epitaph Records.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Radke started a solo music channel on YouTube and published his song “Fair-Weather Fans” on May 31, 2013. According to the description, the song is “a song Ronnie made dedicated to all the people who didn’t believe in him.” He dropped “What Up Earth?“, his second song, on June 1.

During the third segment of his interview with Alternative Press, Radke said that he is working on a rap mixtape with some well-known rappers. The mixtape will be produced by Charles Massabo (Kallaghan Records) and distributed for free in December 2013.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

On July 5, 2013, the first track off the mixtape, “Blacklist,” featuring b.LaY, was made available on YouTube.

He said in a Loudwire interview that he is currently working on a rap mixtape, which Radke claims would feature a different artist on each song. Additionally, he mentioned that the mixtape might be published around Christmas.

He unveiled a website on Christmas Day that allowed users to download a new song called “Destiny” off the mixtape, which is now called Watch Me. The track list was also made public, however contrary to what he had initially promised, several of the songs did not involve other artists. Three of the mixtape’s songs are still unofficially unavailable as of 2021.

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Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Major Work/Filmography

Studio albums

  • Dying Is Your Latest Fashion (2006)

Extended plays

  • There’s No Sympathy for the Dead (2006)
  • Situations (2007)


  • Escape the Fate (2005)
YearMajor Work
2012Nobody Likes Me
2013“Fair-Weather Fans” “What Up Earth?” “I Wash Cars” “Blacklist”
2014“Destiny” “Stupid Boy” “Never the Same” “Already Dead” “Devil” “Asshole” Days Go By”
2015Brother, Getting Over You

Awards & Achievements

Throughout his career, Ronnie Radke has garnered an array of awards and nominations, affirming his impact in the music realm. His inclusion among Revolver Magazine’s 100 Greatest Living Rock Stars and a Kerrang! Awards Hero of the Year nomination stand as testament to his immense talent, solidifying his position as a revered musician within the industry.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Ronnie Radke’s remarkable $7 million net worth is evidence of his unwavering dedication and extraordinary skills as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. His unique approach and mesmerizing live performances have left an indelible impression on the music landscape.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

As Radke persists in pushing limits and exploring fresh creative horizons, his devoted fan base looks forward to the next installments in his never-ending musical journey.


Involvement in homicide and receiving a prison term

On May 6, 2006, at about 2:30 PM, the 22-year-old Radke and Marcel Colquitt met up to fight close to Shadow Ridge High School, which is located at the north end of Decatur Boulevard.

To aid them in the struggle, every man brought other men with him. Michael Allen Cook, 18, was shot and killed by 22-year-old Chase Rader, a man who had accompanied Radke, during the altercation. Colquitt’s brother was also injured.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Despite Rader’s confession, the district attorney decided not to press charges against him after it was established that he had acted in self-defense. Rader was taken into custody and charged with murder.

After entering a guilty plea to charges of violence causing significant bodily harm and possessing and carrying brass knuckles to the altercation—both of which are prohibited in Nevada—Radke was put on five years of probation and forced to reimburse Cook’s mother, Ceda Freeman, for $92,372.

Radke was given a two and a half year prison sentence for breaking the conditions of his probation.

Arrest for domestic abuse

After being charged with hitting his ex-girlfriend Sally Watts on May 1, 2012, Radke was taken into custody in Glendale, California, on August 6, 2012, after he neglected to show up for any of the planned court dates.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has charged him with one count of misdemeanor false imprisonment and one count of misdemeanor corporal injury. He was given a $30,000 bail and freed. Radke entered a plea of not guilty to disturbance of the peace on May 14, 2014.

A lawsuit alleging rape and one for defamation

It was announced on June 10, 2015, that a 25-year-old woman had publicly accused Radke of sexual assault. The complainant claimed that on June 3, 2015, following Falling in Reverse’s concert at Murray Theater, Radke had sexually assaulted her in the presence of his bus driver.

Police did not discover any proof that Radke or his group had abused the woman, despite the fact that it was established that Radke had communication with her. After then, Radke brought a defamation case.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

10 things you didn’t know about Ronnie Radke!

  • With his captivating vocals and charismatic stage presence, Ronnie Radke has left a lasting impact on the post-hardcore and alternative rock scenes, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the music industry.
  • From a young age, Radke showed a keen interest in music and began pursuing his passion as a vocalist.
  • His early experiences in various bands eventually led him to form the popular post-hardcore band, Escape the Fate.
  • Radke gained significant recognition and success as the lead vocalist and founding member of Escape the Fate.
  •  Radke’s distinctive vocals and charismatic stage presence played a pivotal role in their rise to fame.
  • Unfortunately, Radke’s journey was not without its share of struggles. In 2008, he was sentenced to prison on charges of probation violation.
  • This setback, however, did not deter his determination to pursue his musical career.
  • During his time in prison, Radke began to focus on his musical aspirations once again. Following his release, he formed the band Falling in Reverse in The group’s unique blend of post-hardcore, metalcore, and pop punk elements quickly gained traction and earned them a loyal fanbase.
  • Radke’s musical talent extends beyond his captivating vocals. He is also known for his songwriting skills and the ability to seamlessly incorporate various music genres into Falling in Reverse’s discography. 
  • The band’s albums explore a wide range of styles, including rock, rap, and electronic elements.


What bands has Ronnie Radke been a part of?

Radke gained initial fame as the lead vocalist of Escape the Fate. After his departure from the band, he formed Falling in Reverse, where he continues to lead as the frontman.

Why is Ronnie Radke controversial?

Radke has had numerous legal issues, including felony charges related to battery and the use of illicit substances. His outspoken nature on social media and public altercations with other musicians have also contributed to his controversial image.

Has Ronnie Radke faced any personal challenges?

Radke has openly discussed his struggles with addiction and mental health issues, including bipolar disorder. His personal experiences often serve as themes in his music.

What genre of music does Ronnie Radke create?

Radke’s music primarily falls within the genres of post-hardcore, metalcore, and rap rock, blending elements of punk, metal, and hip-hop.

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