Rudy Giuliani Net Worth
Rudy Giuliani
Body Measurement
Body type
Height5 Feet 11 inches
Weight74 Kg
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorLight Brown
Shoe Size10 (US)
Full NameRudolph William Louis Giuliani
NicknameRudy Giuliani
Date of BirthMay 28, 1944
Age79 Years
Profession American politician and lawyer
Rudy Giuliani Net Worth$1-10 Million
Education Manhattan College (BA)
New York University (JD)
BirthplaceNew York City, U.S.
HometownNew York City, U.S.
Zodiac SignGemini
FatherHarold Angelo Giuliani
SpouseRegina Peruggi
​(m. 1968; div. 1982)​

Donna Hanover
​(m. 1984; div. 2002)​

Judith Nathan
​(m. 2003; div. 2019)
Financial information(federal office)
CurlieRudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Childhood & Early Life

In the Brooklyn borough of New York City, Giuliani was born in 1944 in the East Flatbush neighborhood, which at the time was home to an Italian-American community. He is the only child of working-class parents Harold Angelo Giuliani (1908–1981) and Helen D’Avanzo (1909–2002), both of whom are descended from Italian immigrants.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Given that his paternal grandparents, Rodolfo and Evangelina Giuliani, were born in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy, Giuliani has Tuscan ancestry on his father’s side. He had a Roman Catholic upbringing.

Plumber and bartender Harold Giuliani struggled to find employment, was found guilty of felony assault and robbery, and was sent to Sing Sing jail. After being freed, he served as an enforcer for his brother-in-law Leo D’Avanzo, who ran a gambling and loan sharking enterprise out of a Brooklyn restaurant that was connected to organized crime.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Up to his death in 1981 from prostate cancer, Harold and his spouse resided in East Flatbush. Giuliani’s family relocated from Brooklyn to Garden City South when he was seven years old, and he went to St. Anne’s Catholic school there.

He later made the long trek from Brooklyn to Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, from which he graduated in 1961.

Giuliani studied political science with a philosophy minor at Manhattan College in Riverdale, Bronx and entertained the idea of becoming a priest. In his sophomore year, Giuliani won the class presidency; but, in his junior year, he did not win another election. He became a member of the honor society and forensic fraternity of Phi Rho Pi college.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

In 1965, he received his diploma. Giuliani made the decision to forgo the priesthood in favor of attending the Manhattan-based New York University School of Law, where he participated in the NYU Law Review and earned a Juris Doctor degree with honors in 1968.

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Following his completion from law school, Giuliani worked as a clerk for Southern District of New York United States District Judge Lloyd Francis MacMahon. Giuliani refrained from participating in the Vietnam War military. While he was enrolled at Manhattan College and NYU Law, his enlistment was postponed.

He was reclassified as 2-A (essential civilian) in 1969 after graduating from the latter in 1968 but still eligible for military service, having served as Judge MacMahon’s law clerk in 1968. Giuliani was reclassified as 1-A in 1970, but he was not called up for duty and was given a high 308 draft lottery number.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

In 1975, Giuliani changed his political affiliation from Democratic to Independent. This happened when Giuliani was being solicited for a post in the Ford administration in Washington, D.C. Giuliani was chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Harold “Ace” Tyler and associate deputy attorney general.

Under the Reagan administration, Giuliani was appointed associate attorney general in 1981, which was the third-highest position in the Department of Justice. As Associate Attorney General, Giuliani oversaw the federal law enforcement agencies inside the U.S. Attorney Offices, as well as the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department of Corrections, and the United States Marshals Service.

Giuliani provided testimony in support of the federal government’s “detention posture” in an extensively reported 1982 case involving the internment of over 2,000 undocumented Haitian asylum seekers.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Rejecting the claim that the majority of the detainees had left their nation because of political persecution, the U.S. administration claimed the detainees were “economic migrants“. Giuliani testified in favor of the government, arguing that under Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier’s administration, “political repression, at least in general, does not exist”.

Although it was officially a demotion, Giuliani accepted the position in 1983 because he wanted to handle cases personally and because the Southern District of New York is regarded as the most prominent US Attorney’s office in the nation and is frequently utilized by those who have held it as a launching pad for political campaigns.

In this role, he initially rose to national fame by bringing many high-profile cases that led to Wall Street heavyweights Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky’s convictions. In addition, he concentrated on the prosecution of drug dealers, organized crime, and public corruption. With 4,152 convictions and 25 reversals, he accumulated a record.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Giuliani was recognized for having popularized the perp walk, which involves presenting suspects to the media before they are brought before them, as a prosecutorial tactic while serving as a federal prosecutor. Prosecutors around the country began using the strategy more frequently after Giuliani “patented the perp walk“.

The heads of New York City’s infamous “Five Families” were among the eleven organized crime figures Giuliani indicted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) on charges of extortion, labor racketeering, and murder for hire during the Mafia Commission Trial, which took place from February 25, 1985, to November 19, 1986.

Time magazine noted that Giuliani’s stated goal is to “wipe out the five families” and described this “case of cases” as perhaps “the most significant assault on the infrastructure of organized crime since the high command of the Chicago Mafia was swept away in 1943”.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initially looked into Ivan Boesky, a Wall Street arbitrageur who had made a fortune of roughly $200 million by betting on corporate takeovers. This led to an investigation by the US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York, as Boesky had made investments based on tips from corporate insiders.

These purchases of stocks and options were occasionally ostentatious, with large purchases made just days before a company declared a takeover. Such insider trading was unlawful, but until Boesky was prosecuted, the rules against it were rarely followed.

Giuliani was not permitted to run for mayor a third time in 2001 due to term constraints. When Democratic U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who had served four terms, announced his retirement in November 1998, Giuliani quickly expressed interest in fighting for the vacant seat in the 2000 election.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Due to his prominence and high profile, the state Republican Party backed Giuliani. In an attempt to counter Giuliani’s star power, Hillary Clinton, who was the first lady at the time, was recruited by Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel and others to compete for Moynihan’s seat following his entry.

From 1994 until 2001, Giuliani presided as mayor of New York City.

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Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Major Work/Filmography

  • Giuliani appeared in a fictionalised version of the 1993 mayoral race in the Seinfeld episode “The Non-Fat Yoghurt” in 1993, playing himself. Filming for Giuliani’s scenes began the morning following his actual election.
  • In the “Endurence” episode of the 11th season of Law & Order, which aired in late 2000, Giuliani made a cameo in character and introduced Dianne Wiest’s character, ADA Nora Lewin.
  • James Woods played Rudy Giuliani in the 2003 USA Network television movie Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story.
  • In 2018, Kate McKinnon played Giuliani on Saturday Night Live on several occasions. In 2019, McKinnon kept playing him.
  • During a 2020 cameo on the Netflix real crime limited series Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia, Giuliani discussed his leadership of the federal prosecution of the Five Families in the 1980s.
  • Giuliani unintentionally appeared in the 2020 film Borat: After the Event. Within the parody documentary, Giuliani consents to an interview with Tutar, Borat’s “daughter” (portrayed by Maria Bakalova), an actress posing as a reporter. Upon being invited to Tutar’s hotel room, Giuliani lies down on her bed and reaches into his trousers.
  • However, Borat interrupts them right away, saying, “She fifteen.” She’s too old to be with you.” After claiming that the charge was a “complete fabrication” and that he was only “tucking in his shirt after taking off the recording equipment,” Giuliani eventually rejected the accusation.
  • For his role in the movie, Giuliani took home two Razzie awards in 2021: one for Worst Supporting Actor and the other for Worst Screen Combo, thanks to his pants zipper.
Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Awards & Achievements

  • Time magazine awarded Giuliani its “Person of the Year” for the year 2001.
  • Giuliani received the Fiorello LaGuardia Public Service Award for Valor and Leadership in the Time of Global Crisis in 2002 from the Episcopal Diocese of New York.
  • Giuliani received the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award from former First Lady Nancy Reagan in 2002 as well.
  • The Jefferson Awards presented the U.S. Senator John Heinz Award for Greatest Public Service by an Elected or Appointed Official to him in 2002.
  • Giuliani was honored with the Golden Plate Award from the Academy of Achievement in 2003.
  • University of Rhode Island, Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa, 2003 (withdrawn in January 2022)
  • The Rudolph W. Giuliani Trauma Center at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York was put under construction in 2004.
  • Giuliani was awarded honorary degrees by Middlebury College and Loyola College in Maryland in 2005 [564]. Giuliani was awarded an honorary doctorate in public administration from The Citadel, South Carolina’s Military College, in 2007. Middlebury declared in 2021 that it was withdrawing Giuliani’s degree.
  • At the American Heart Association’s annual Heart of the Hamptons event in Water Mill, New York, in 2006, Rudy and Judith Giuliani received honors.
  • The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) presented Giuliani with the NIAF Special Achievement Award for Public Service in recognition of his achievements in 2007.
  • The Atlantic Bridge presented Giuliani with the Margaret Thatcher Medal of Freedom in 2007.
  • At the 2009 Drexel University Earle Mack School of Law graduation, Giuliani spoke as the keynote speaker and was awarded an honorary degree. Drexel declared in 2021 that it was discontinuing the program.
  • In 2013, Giuliani spoke at Central Connecticut State University as the Robert C. Vance Distinguished Lecturer.
Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

About 15 years ago, Giuliani’s net worth was more than $50 million, with $15 million of that total from his business activities, including his work with lobbying firm Giuliani Partners, according to CNN. At the time, he earned about $17 million a year, the news outlet reported. 


Giuliani’s legal license was suspended by a New York appeal court on June 24, 2021. The panel of five justices concluded that there was “uncontroverted” evidence supporting Giuliani’s claims that he had made “demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public,” and that these claims had been made “in an improper manner to support (Giuliani’s) narrative that the 2020 US presidential election was stolen from his client due to widespread voter fraud.”

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

Giuliani’s actions “immediately threaten the public interest and warrant an interim suspension from the practice of law,” the court declared in its ruling. On July 7, 2021, his license was likewise suspended in Washington, D.C.

The DC Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel brought accusations against Giuliani before the DC Court of Appeals’ Board on Professional Responsibility on June 10, 2022. According to the ethics accusations, Giuliani made erroneous assertions in support of Trump in federal court documents pertaining to the 2020 Pennsylvania presidential contest.

Following a week-long hearing, the D.C. Bar Disciplinary Counsel recommended Giuliani’s disbarment on December 15, 2022, for making false accusations about election fraud and attempting to have the results of the 2020 Pennsylvania presidential election overturned, in violation of professional conduct guidelines.

Giuliani made an appearance at a Staten Island supermarket on June 27, 2022, to promote his son Andrew, who was running as the Republican candidate for governor of New York.

Daniel Gill, a 39-year-old supermarket employee, was detained and accused with second-degree assault after Giuliani’s presence because he was accused of slapping Giuliani’s back in the establishment.

In a statement, Giuliani said that it “hurt a lot” and that “it felt like a boulder hit me” or “like somebody shot me.” Giuliani also demanded that Gill be fired and charged with a felony after claiming that Gill’s “very, very heavy shot” knocked him down and “could’ve easily… knocked me to the ground and killed me by my head getting hit.”

Noelle Dunphy, a former Giuliani off-book employee, launched a civil complaint against him on May 15, 2023. She charged Giuliani with illegal power abuse, pay theft, and sexual assault. According to Dunphy’s complaint, having a sexual relationship with Giuliani was a “absolute requirement” of her job.

Giuliani “often made outrageous comments that created and added to the hostile work environment that Ms. Dunphy was forced to endure,” and he was always intoxicated. Furthermore, according to the lawsuit, Giuliani claimed that the inferiority of Jewish men’s penises could be attributed to “natural selection” and railed about “freakin Arabs” and Jews. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that Donald Trump and Giuliani each sold pardons for $2 million.

Giuliani was sued by Davidoff Hutcher & Citron in September 2023 for unpaid legal fees totaling more than $1.3 million. The law firm said that between November 2019 and July 2023, Giuliani only paid $214,000 toward his whole legal bill. The firm’s cost “is way in excess to anything approaching legitimate fees,” according to a statement from Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani Net Worth

10 things you didn’t know about Rudy Giuliani!

  • Giuliani is known for his love of opera and has even made appearances as a guest conductor for the New York City Opera.
  • Before entering politics, Giuliani gained fame as a federal prosecutor, notably leading the successful prosecution of mafia figures in the 1980s.
  • Giuliani served as the Associate Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1983, where he played a significant role in shaping the administration’s policies on organized crime.
  • In 2000, Giuliani was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent successful treatment and became an advocate for cancer awareness and early detection.
  • In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Giuliani an honorary knighthood in recognition of his leadership and support following the September 11 attacks.
  • Giuliani sought the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2008 and 2012 but was unsuccessful both times.
  • Giuliani faced scrutiny for his consulting work for foreign governments and entities, particularly his involvement with Ukraine, which became a focal point during the first impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.
  • Giuliani has been married three times. His first two marriages ended in divorce, and his third marriage, to Judith Nathan, ended in 2019.
  • In recent years, Giuliani has been involved in various legal controversies, including his role as a personal attorney for President Trump and his efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election.
  • In 2021, Giuliani’s law license was suspended in the state of New York due to his statements made in support of President Trump’s false claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.


What is Rudy Giuliani known for?

Rudy Giuliani is best known for his tenure as the Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001, particularly for his leadership during and after the September 11 terrorist attacks. He’s also known for his work as a lawyer, including his role as an attorney for President Donald Trump.

What legal cases has Rudy Giuliani been involved in?

Rudy Giuliani has been involved in various legal cases throughout his career, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Some notable cases include his prosecution of mafia figures in the 1980s and his representation of President Trump during the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

What is Rudy Giuliani’s stance on key political issues?

Rudy Giuliani’s political views align with those of the Republican Party on many issues, including crime and law enforcement, national security, and taxation. He is known for his tough-on-crime approach and his support for conservative policies.

Is Rudy Giuliani still practicing law?

Rudy Giuliani is still practicing law. He continues to be active in legal matters and has been involved in various high-profile cases in recent years.

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