Choi Sung bong net worth
Choi Sung Bong
Body Measurement34-24-34
Body type
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight58 kilograms
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Shoe Size7 (U.S.)
Full NameChoi Sung-bong
Date of Birth18 February 1990- 20 June 2023
Age33 Years (At the time of Death)
Profession South Korean singer
Choi Sung Bong Net Worth$20.1 Million
NationalityKorean, South Korean
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
HometownSouth Korea
Zodiac SignAquarius
Official WebsiteThe Official Website of Sungbong Choi
WikipediaChoi Sung-bong
choi sung bong net worth

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Childhood & Early Life

Choi Sung Bong was born in Seoul and was abandoned at an orphanage when he was three. He ran away from the orphanage to escape physical abuse.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-Bong

After escaping he took a bus to Daejeon and started living in the red-light districts.

Choi graduated from Dae-Jeon Art High School and went on to study at the Department of Cultural Art Management at Kyung-Hee Cyber University.

He learned how to read and write and applied for qualification examinations to pass elementary and middle school and enter high school.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth

With hopes of learning music and spending his school years with friends, he entered Dae-Jeon Art High School. To earn school tuition fees and private lesson fees, he worked at a delivery service but suffered an injury while working.

Choi thought about dropping out of high school, and his music teacher testified that he was often absent because of his underprivileged surroundings.

He gained admission to Hanyang University, but due to financial difficulties, was unable to pursue undergraduate education. Instead, he spent his days working as a day laborer.

He approached Jeong-So Park for music lessons; Park agreed to teach him for free and helped get him support from the church and ChildFund Korea.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-bong with his music teacher

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In 2011, Choi Sung-bong participated in tvN’s reality TV show ‘Korea’s Got Talent,’ where he performed the song ‘Nella Fantasia’ by Ennio Morricone.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-bong in Korea’s Got Talent

His performance impressed all the judges and the audience.

After his performance was uploaded on YouTube, he was praised by many musicians including Justin Bieber, BoA, and Jung Hwa-um.

He reached the finals of the competition and became the first runner-up of the show. Reportedly, the International Press called him “the next Susan Boyle” after watching Choi’s performance with English subtitles.

After he gained popularity on ‘Korea’s Got Talent,’ he was approached to sign a contract with many entertainment companies.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth

Later, he signed a contract with Sony Music Korea Inc.; however, he decided to cancel the contract in December 2011.

He was managed by Bongbong Company until his death in 2023.

He appeared in many TV shows including tvN’s ‘Back Ji-yeo’s People Inside’ in 2011, KBS1’s ‘Morning Garden’ in 2012, and MBN’s News Square in 2013.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-bong in a show

Choi Sung-bong had performed at many events and charity functions. In 2012, he performed at You Fest Main Final Concert in Madrid, Spain.

In the same year, he sang the Korean National Anthem at the inaugural ceremony of the London Olympics in Seoul.

In July 2012, he performed at Teenager’s Healing Concert by the Ministry of Environment in Seoul.

In August 2012, he performed at Andy – Live In Concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-bong in a concert
choi sung bong net worth

Major Works/Filmography

YearMajor Work
2011Korea’s Got Talent
2011Back Ji-yeo’s People Inside
2012Morning Garden
2012You Fest Main Final Concert
2012Teenager’s Healing Concert
2013MBN’s News Square

Awards & Achievements

  • 9th Candle Award by Pop Culture Critic of College Union
  • New Artist by Foreign Correspondents Club

Choi Sung bong Net Worth

Following Choi Sung Bong’s passing, numerous media outlets published conflicting net worth estimates for Bong. The most reliable source, however, places his net worth at $20.1 million. Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Choi made significant sums of money, dramatically increasing his net worth.


On 4 June 2011, after his first appearance on the show, some people accused him of concealing the fact that he had graduated from art high school although he was rarely able to attend classes due to his financial situation and was said to have received his diploma out of pity.

The KGT production team explained that “It was cut from the film during editing. He stated that he’d graduated from art high school at the second local tryout, and the judges, crews, and hundreds of audience members heard that.” KGT later broadcast the re-edited version including the statement.

In January 2021, Choi announced that he was battling cancer and was raising funds to support his latest album.

On 29 October 2021, he confessed that he was faking his cancer diagnosis.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-bong when he lied about his cancer

A news agency released his apology in which he said, “I sincerely and deeply apologize for causing social upheaval and great disappointment regarding the controversy over the authenticity of Choi Seong-bong’s false cancer battle reported in the media. All diagnoses of thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, lung, liver, and kidney metastasis, excluding major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, are false“.


As per a Korea Times report, 33-year-old Sung-bong was found dead by police at his home in the Yeoksam-dong district of Seoul at 9.41 am on June 20, 2023.

According to the police on Wednesday, he died by suicide. A note uploaded to his YouTube channel read, “I sincerely apologize to all who suffered from my foolish mistake.” It added that all donations were returned.

He regrettably acknowledged that if they had been able to read his message, he would already be deceased.

Choi Sung bong Net Worth
Choi Sung-bong’s death

The musician apologized to his fans and informed them that he had returned all of the money he had received over the preceding two years.

Tragically, he said that he would take his own life to atone for his misdeeds.

choi sung bong net worth

10 things you didn’t know about Choi Sung-bong!

  • Choi Sung-bong had been featured in many magazines including Korean Daily 100°C (2012), Woman Sense (2013), and Woman’s Life (2013).
  • In 2016, he published a book titled ‘Singing is My Life: Memoir of My Journey from Homelessness to Fame.’
  • At the age of three, he was left alone at an orphanage in Seoul, where he experienced physical abuse.
  • His book was about his life and career and the book became a best seller.
  • During an interview, he shared that when he was 14 years old, he stayed at a night school to hide from the gang members in his area.
  • He consumes alcohol occasionally
  • He used to sleep in public toilets with heaters to protect himself from the cold.
  • He started working as a delivery boy when he was in school to fulfill his school fees.
  • He once also began selling chewing gums and drinks on streets and at nightclubs.
  • He was invited by the South Korean President for charity performances and speeches.


– Have any albums by Choi Sung-bong been released?

Yes, recordings featuring Choi’s classical singing abilities have been published. His first CD, which included both original songs and a number of classical tunes, was published in 2011.

– What difficulties did Choi endure during his life?

Early in childhood, Choi experienced abandonment, destitution, and a battle for survival. Despite these difficulties, his love of music enabled him to overcome them and pursue a lucrative singing career.

– Where can I see performances by Choi Sung-bong?

Online videos of his “Korea’s Got Talent” performances are accessible, and he sometimes performs at concerts and other events both domestically and abroad.

– Does Choi Sung-bong take part in any charity endeavors?

Choi’s own experience has inspired him to support the needy, and he has participated in a number of charitable activities and programs to aid people in need, especially children.


  1. Thank you for the article illustrating the tragic life of this extraordinary young man, a very talented singer. I came across his beautiful, heart-touching songs only after his death. I don’t know Korean, but his voice falls into the most sensitive recesses of the human soul. I can’t stop thinking about Choi Sung-bong, I feel so sorry and so sad…

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